Minimal Green wedding

A perfect weight loss solution for big fat Indian weddings.

With modern gender roles in play, the traditional generation’s role also needs to be altered. In a parallel universe – gone are the days when parents used to save a big chunk of their hard-earned money for their child’s ‘wedding fund’. Apparently it is high time for the “NO longer kids” soon getting hitched, to realize the value of money and bear the financial burden of their big day. This transformation shall surely put a check on the blind and wasteful expenditure.
Weddings in general cost a fortune and generate around 3 tonnes of waste from leftover food items, water, plastic utensils used, discarded decorative items etc. and contribute to air, water, noise and light pollution (just for 400-1000 guests). These tonnes can be prevented by having a green and minimal wedding. A green wedding is wherein the couple plans the special day in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner considering the ecological impact on the planet and global community, at large. Minimalist wedding is adopting the ‘less is more’ approach and a simple yet joy sparking trend for the D day.
Here’s how to do it:
Wedding trousseau
Having high quality sustainable attires that can be worn again are better than the heavy glittery pieces which will rest at the elusive end of the wardrobe. Such an investment just for a bunch of pictures to share on the ‘gram with people who don’t genuinely care is not wise, after all. Another way can be borrowing traditional family piece and styling it up your way. Same goes for jewellery, one can accessorise their outfits with ancestral heirlooms or simply rent. Voila! bills, heritage and vogue well reclaimed.
Catering and décor
Food is one of the main reasons many people dressup to dig into their favourite delicacies. Buffet and wastage goes hand in hand, a la carte system or a buffet of limited items should preferred. Organic and locally sourced produce should be a chosen over and above expensive gourmet from 7 stars. Local NGO can help in the distribution of the leftover food and that too for free in most mega cities. Food should be served in glass/ceramic/steel utensils and use of plastic disposables can be effectively replaced by using banana leaves, bamboo/steel cutlery. Plastic water bottles can be substituted by glass bottles (can act as takeaway souvenir too), steel tumblers or kullads. Decoration should comprise of articles which can be easily reused like flowers, plants in beautiful planters. DIYs can be easily created, arranged or ordered.
Invitation and gifts
Digital invitations came and disrupted the traditional card and sweets tradition. They fit more practically as the heavy cost of the boxes and distribution was time consuming as well. Wedding specific website can also be created giving the guests a tech savvy interaction. The exchange of gifts can be made eco friendly by giving organic skincare products, saplings, locally sourced desserts/ edibles in glass/tin collectible containers. Google provides endless options for every pocket.
Venue and guest list
An outdoor venue with built in décor like a vineyard, a garden or a farmhouse. One may like to go simply for a temple, gurudwara or church wedding according to the belief system of the couple. Ceremonies should be kept on a single venue as it will save the guests from heavy commute and environment from pollution. A trend of confirmation to invitation about 2-3 months prior to the wedding can be very effective in reducing unnecessary expenditure and keeping the ceremony as intimate as possible. The covid-19 restrictions have limited the guests upto a count of fifty. This filtration should be there with or without the virus as its your special day and you have every right to be surrounded by only the people who don’t jinx your happiness. An intimate affair will add to the esteem of the guests too and help in building lasting relationships based on mutual love and understanding.
Although, this might take some time to become a status quo and one might end up losing “relatives” and “friends” but a private wedding will help you save money, the planet and have a compound positive impact on the society in form of an action against dowry and debt by solely choosing sanctity of the institution of marriage than unwanted exhibition of wealth.

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